What We Do

It is so easy to do a job that you love so much. There is nothing quite like the inspiration of a location that has been chosen specifically for you as a backdrop for your session. There is just something about being in your element and Mark enjoys experiencing that with his clients.

How We Do It

Before we begin…
We always start with a client consultation. Whether that’s over the phone or in person it’s important for us to understand what the client is looking for in their experience and the unique personality of everyone involved in the shoot. So each experience is really customized to individualize the experience. During the consultation we discuss location choices, dress, props and all the details that go into a successful shoot.

The day of…
We take a relaxed approached and try to have as much fun as possible. When you’re having fun it really reflects on the final product. Clients don’t have to worry about anything. Our crew of photography and lighting experts are there to be sure we have all the necessary tools to capture fantastic images and memories.

After the shoot…
Once the shoot is complete clients can expect to see their proofs in just a matter of days. We use a commercial approached when customizing our images so no two sessions will look exactly the same. We like to give our clients a unique, artful masterpiece they are proud to display in their home or business. Additionally, every shoot also comes in a traditional black and white set as well. We are also here to help clients make their selections on the images and the presentation of those images. From canvas wraps to metal murals we will help you choose the products that meet your artistic fancy.